RBK8K  ヘルメット

  • RBK8K  ヘルメット
  • ドライバー無しで前後調整出来ます
  • 首後ろに付いているマイクロダイアルでフィットを高めます
  • 空気が通りやすく設計され頭が熱くなりにくい
  • サイズ S 51 ~ 56 cm
  • 色・サイズ:紺 Sサイズ
  • Molded grip texture Comfort Cushions deliver snug pillowy comfort
  • Mechanically attached EPP liner delivers pro-proven protection and integrated venting channels keep your head cool
  • Composite SubShell††† is lightweight and stiff
  • Features 3 unique shell sizes (S, M, L) for an anthropometrically optimized fit.
  • Mid-split dual ridge shell delivers on protection
  • MaxVents††† venting throughout the helmet keeps the player cool, saving precious energy for the game
  • Transluscent SURLYN† ear covers protect and blend with the look of the helmet
  • Secure-strap ear loops keep the chin strap in position Zinc plated flat/star screws minimize rust. Screwdriver and dime friendly
  • rえnCSA, HECC and CE certified Available in M, L BkSl, BkBk, WhSl, RdSl, RySl, YlBk Ex: BkSl = Black shell and Silver texalium Composite SubShell
  • Suggested Price: