Synergy 500Sr Skate

  • Construction:
  • UNI-BODYa assembling the entire skate as one unit and with a secondary lasting procedure that makes the skate a more durable, consistent, and fully composite structure.
  • Anatomical ankle padding to minimize break-in period.
  • Lightweight, durable ballistic nylon quarters.
  • 70/30 Microfibre/Cambrellea lining for a combination of durability and comfort.
  • SIDECUT TONGUE is anatomically correct, angled tongue design that stops the tongue from twisting during each stride.
  • Outsole:
  • Low profile maximizes turning radius with DRY FLOWa moisture drainage system that releases unwanted moisture and excess heat ? skate stays light during play.
  • Footbed:
  • Moisture wicking BIO-DRIa footbed conforms to the player’s foot profile.
  • Blade:
  • RAZOR BLADZaII shot peened Swedish stainless steel runner with two-sided hardware system flexes for sharper turns, quicker starts and stops.
  • Manufacture recommend 1 sizes smaller than your shoe size
  • Suggested Price: