• CCMR & Oxysox† knit into the bottom of the sock
  • Direct embroidered NHL† shield
  • DuPont† Coolmax† for maximum moisture wicking
  • Maximum DuPont† Lycra† support for foot, ankle, calf & injury protection
  • Graduated pressure for improved circulation & reduced muscle vibration
  • Arch & foot compression for support and reduced blistering
  • The graduated pressure provided by DuPont† Lycra†, with the highest pressure in the foot and the lowest pressure at the top of the sock, results in faster blood return to the heart and lungs. This can improve the return of oxygenated blood to the legs for enhanced athletic performance. The same compression also keeps muscles compact, lessening fatigue and aiding recovery. This firm, graduated support creates performance advantages that only Oxysox† patented technology can provide
  • Color White
  • グレートスケート価格