Sherwood C10

  • SHAFT Double horizontal birch lamination covers a first quality two-piece aspen core, reinforced by vertical fiberglass lamination
  • PADDLE & BLADE Unique ultra-light design
  • Highly refined assembly techniques ensure constant weight and stiffness
  • Injected polyurethane foam with continuous fiber strand mat for shock absorption.
  • Covered in Bi-axial fiberglass for optimum durability
  • Blade reinforced with fiberglass laminate for maximum stiffness and durability
  • Graphics and colors same as the Cerberus goal equipment series
  • THIBAULT 27”
  • Confused about right or left goal stick?
  • What hand will the player hold the goal stick in?... If the goal stick is held in the right hand, you will need a "left". If the goal stick is held in the left hand, you will need a "right".
  • グレートスケート価格