SP Vector 8.0 Sr

  • PROFLO BICEPS ? Low profile protection for the BICEPS and shoulder
  • PROFLO Shoulder Cap ? Low profile impact protection for top of shoulder and clavicle
  • EXOSKEL Sternum ? Floating and ventilated chest with hard PE impact protection
  • EXOSKEL Spine ? Segmented/Ventilated PE impact protection without inhibiting mobility
  • Biceps ? Adjustable, vented and molded. help provide customizable BICEP protection
  • Clavicle ? Hard PE protection in this key impact area
  • Belly and back ? Customizable padding eliminates the gap with the pants
  • Ribs ? Thermoformed PE slash protection that hugs the body
  • Comfort neck ? Customizable padding and fit
  • COOLPLUS Liner ? FAST DRYING LINER THAT Wicks moisture away from the skin
  • Anti-Microbial ? ULTRA FRESH† treatment helps reduce bacterial and fungal growth, decreasing odor
  • Size: Large 40 to 44
  • Suggested Price: