SG Vector 8.0 Sr

  • vector 8.0
  • EXOSKEL Shin and Kneecap ? Lightweight and vented impact protection
  • Vented Suspension Layer ? Complements the vented shin, facilitating air circulation
  • KNEEBED ? Asymmetric liner design optimizes stability and comfort for each leg
  • Liner ? Adjustable/Removable for customization and easy drying/washing
  • Calf ? Customizable and thermoformed slash protection
  • Shin Wings ? Molded polyethylene helps provide collateral ligament protection
  • Thigh ? Customizable ergonomic PE protection helps eliminate protection gap with pants
  • Straps ? Easy removal of straps for those who prefer this option
  • COOLPLUS Liner ? FAST DRYING LINER THAT Wicks moisture away from the skin
  • Anti-Microbial ? ULTRA FRESH† treatment helps reduce bacterial and fungal growth, decreasing odor
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