Stealth SPS7JRショルダーパッド

  • Stealth SPS7JRショルダーパッド
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  • Construction:
  • Similar features and benefits as found on the new Stealth S17
  • Designed for the elite player looking for maximum freedom of movement.
  • New internal 3-piece chest provides even greater mobility
  • Low profile shoulder caps molded in HDPE.
  • Reinforced arch area with red Invisi-Carb arches.
  • Segmented spine protection.
  • Wrapping rib protection, adjustable bicep protectors, as well as a removable, adjustable belly pad equals complete coverage
  • Product:
  • Shoulder Pads Model:Stealth SP7 4'- 4'10"'
  • Size:Jr. Small - Medium 4'10-5'6",Jr. Medium - Large
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