ST16 シンパッド

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  • ST16 シンパッド
  • Construction:
  • Ergonomic shin allows for a deeper and more comfortable fit.
  • Orange INVISI-CARB shin plus SLING TEC comfortably cradles the lower leg
  • Ergonomically designed kneecap provides greater lateral support while locking the knee in proper position.
  • Easton’s Tib Flex allows for more forward flexing without sacrificing protection.
  • Lightweight and molded Dri-Flow moisture wicking liner.
  • Tapeline just below the knee for more efficient fit.
  • Flexible Calf Wrap with protective HDPE inserts.
  • PU leather floating top flare requires no break-in time.
  • Product: Shin Pads
  • Model: Synergy ST16
  • Size 14 inches(5'4"-5'8" ) 15 inches(5'8"-6' )
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